Jewish Heritage of Budapest - My Budapest Tours
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Jewish Heritage of Budapest

Short orientation talk and discuss frame of the day.

Walking around the neighborhood of one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites you can get acquainted with the Jewish quarter of Budapest. The walking tour includes a visit to Europe’s largest synagogue, the second largest on the globe, which servs the largest Jewish community in Eastern-Central Europe and reflects the prominent, rich heritage of Jewish culture of Budapest.

In spite of the sensless losses the Hungarian Jewish communities suffered in the 20th cetury, Jewish culture in Budapest’s stunning Great Synagogue is ever so vivid today. In the building and the surronding garden you will have a chance to see
• the building itself,
• the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Garden,
• the Jewish Cemetery,
• the Museum on Jewish artifacts and
• the moving monument of the Tree of Life, which remind us of the tragedy of the holocaust
Besides the Great Synagogue and its gardens we will visit the Rumbach Synagogue and finish our tour by paying a visit to the Carl Lutz Memorial.
On our ways we will cross the most frequent meeting points of the local Jewish community. You can peek into their everyday lives by checking out courtyards and little shop, or by tasting Flodni – the most popular and best known Jewish dessert – in the Frohlich Pastry.
We’ll also be passing by a new hype of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter: the Ruin Pubs!

Please note that during all on our walking tours we are using public transportation as well. Public transportation fee is not included.


4 hours


Half day


Theme tours / orientation

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